Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management Solutions

Our human capital management (HCM) solution is designed to help you attract and retain top-quality talent for your diverse workforce, with the tools you need to not only make work easier and more productive, but also to deliver a great employee experience. From employee engagement, leadership success, and talent development to flexible performance management and labor law compliance, our HCM solution helps you manage your people to today’s emerging human capital management (HCM) trends — all while helping you stay competitive and fuel organizational growth.

Our solution at work

Seamlessly integrated applications for recruiting, onboarding, time and attendance, scheduling, absence management, payroll, retirement and more are easily accessed through an intuitive user interface. Time-consuming processes are streamlined — and visibility into employee data is enhanced to help you make smarter business decisions.:


  • Human Resource

    Human Resource

    Our HR module integrates the capabilities you need to find and keep engaged and productive employees. And by reducing administrative tasks, it frees HR managers to take a more strategic organizational role using real-time data and insights to drive better outcomes. Capabilities include:

    • Core HR Management
    • Benefits Administration
    • Recruitment / Talent Acquisition
    • Onboarding
    • Performance Management
  • Compensation Management

    Compensation Management

    Automates compensation management from defining programs and guidelines through budgeting and modeling to routing proposals for approval. Improvesyour organization’s transparency and governance. Capabilities include:

    • Compensation Cycles
    • Budgeting
    • Model Compensation Scenarios
    • Approval Workflow
    • Merit Metrix (Compensation based on Performance)
  • Time Keeping

    Time Keeping

    From timecard management and labor cost tracking to employee scheduling and absence management, our solution’s timekeeping module helps you better manage your diverse workforce while helping to control labor costs and lower compliance risk.

    • Time & Attendance
    • Basic Scheduling
    • Data Collection
    • Employee Attestation
  • Scheduler


    Our HCM solution provides the tools and visibility you need to:

    • Build schedules based on available budget and business demand
    • Fill schedules with best-fit employees to maximize performance while minimizing compliance risk
    • Manage schedules to maintain accurate coverage and avoid budget overspend
    • Measure schedule effectiveness to drive continuous improvement
  • Accruals


    Managing accruals manually can be a painful process — especially since employees accrue time at different rates. Our accruals module automatically and accurately calculates and tracks accrual balances based on your organization’s rules, giving managers immediate visibility into current status to help ensure impartial treatment of employees and minimize compliance risk.

  • Leave Manager

    Leave Manager

    Our solution’s absence management module helps you handle leave cases accurately and consistently to avoid litigation and grievances. It integrates leave requests and documentation with employee timesheets and schedules and limits unauthorized time off and late returns with built-in notifications. It also automates enforcement of federal, state, and employer-specific leave policies, including the FMLA, as well as administration of leave eligibility and requirements.

  • ACA Manager

    ACA Manager

    Enables proactive management of ACA compliance across your entire workforce with real-time status visibility and eligibility notifications. Capabilities include:

    • Closed-Loop Process Administration
    • Real Time Status Visibility / Monitoring
    • Eligibility Notifications / Compliance Alerts
    • Automate / Streamline Benefits Enrollment
    • IRS Reporting / Year-End Processing