Are You An Investment Advisor?

QBI Fiduciary Administration is the perfect fit for your practice. It is designed to –

  • Cover the compliance and administrative areas which are usually not the responsibility of the investment professional.
  • Not overlap your areas of expertise. Fiduciary Administration does not assume the authority to hire and fire other covered service providers.
  • Accept delegation of administrative fiduciary duties which are often the subject of IRS and DOL audits and inquiries.
  • Work as a partner and teammate with other fiduciaries and with the TPA and record-keeper. If you are a fiduciary to a qualified plan, Fiduciary Administration’s quality work will support a successful status as a co-fiduciary to such plan(s).

Hiring a 3(16) administrative fiduciary is a growing practice for qualified retirement plans. It provides for a “Best Practice” environment for successful plan operation. Your retirement plan clients should have a 3(16) fiduciary who will work with you and seek to maximize the benefit to the plan participants. QBI Fiduciary Administration has no competing businesses. It is not a broker-dealer or an investment advisor. Its affiliate, QBI, LLC, is a nationally known and respected TPA service provider. It does not solicit, sell or advise on investment products of any kind for the plans in its care.