QBI makes plan administration simple. Administration is at the heart of what we do. We assign an experienced consulting team that understands the increasingly complex regulatory environment and is committed to ongoing compliance. This proactive approach allows clients the freedom to focus on what they do best--running their business. Our client retention rate is high because our customer services is second to none. The continual compliance of the plan is our primary focus.  Our plan services include:

  • Plan Administration

    Plan Administration

    After installation, a plan needs continuous supervision. QBI will provide the annual administration of the plan including (but not limited to):

    • Calculate eligibility and vesting
    • Manage the allocation of employer contributions
    • Prepare valuation reports
    • Coordinate all distributions
    • Process participant loans and loan repayments
  • Government Reporting

    Government Reporting

    Retirement plans must file certain forms and reports with the IRS and the Department of Labor and send out notices to plan participants and certain others. Different reporting and disclosure requirements apply depending on the type of plan and the plan’s circumstances. QBI will prepare and file all required forms and reports including Form 5500 and applicable schedules, PBGC forms, 1099’s, Summary Plan Description (SPD) and Summary Annual Report (SAR).

  • Compliance Testing

    Compliance Testing

    With constantly changing regulations and volumes of documentation, the process of ensuring that a retirement plan stays in compliance with the IRS and DOL can seem daunting. Plan compliance is a crucial part of the annual review process. At QBI, we go beyond the required testing and reporting to provide solution that yield the best long term results for your business and your employees. QBI prepares thorough nondiscrimination testing to determine optimum results and will even look ahead for circumstances that could impact future testing.

  • Participant Reporting

    Participant Reporting

    Includes employee benefit certificates, annual fee disclosure notices, SAR and SPD. These reports can be provided in paper or electronic format and are available on the QBI secure participant website.

  • Actuarial Services

    Actuarial services

    From performing required IRS actuarial valuations to assisting with auditing and funding requirements, QBI is able to provide the expertise and Actuarial Services that fit your needs including:

    • Actuarial Valuations
    • IRS Form 5500 Schedule B Certification
    • PBGC Form 1 Schedule A Certification
    • Retirement Benefit Projections
  • RMD and QDRO Services

    RMD and QDRO Services

    The required minimum distribution (RMD) is the minimum amount that must be withdrawn from a retirement plan or IRA each year. Participants generally have to start taking withdrawals when they reach age 70½. QBI will tell you who those participants are and what the RMD is.

    A QDRO is a legal document drafted by an attorney and approved by the court upon the dissolution of the marriage of a plan participant. Your QBI team will review such documents for compliance with the Code’s requirements on content and coordinate the segregation or distribution of plan assets to the “alternate payee”.

  • Document Services

    Document Services

    QBI can establish a new plan document or amend an existing document to meet all the requirements of the law as well as your own retirement objectives. Depending on your design needs, you can utilize a pre-approved plan or an individually designed plan. QBI’s document services include:

    • Volume and prototype documents
    • Individually designed documents
    • Interim qualification amendments
    • Discretionary amendments
    • IRS determination letters

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