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Shirak Avakian, Adobe’s Featured Speaker

 December 7, 2016

QBI Congratulates Shirak for his Accomplishment

QBI’s own Shirak Avakian, a talented software architect, has been included as a featured speaker at the 2015 and 2016 Adobe ColdFusion Summit in Las Vegas. The inclusion of Avakian demonstrates QBI’s continued evolution as a technology-led services company.

“We congratulate Shirak and are proud to have him as a part of our team here at QBI,” said Chief Technology Officer, Mike Parker. “We are privileged to have Shirak as an integral part of our staff.”

Avakian began programming in 1997 and has worked hands-on as a software developer, architect, consultant, speaker, and instructor. He is adept at using technologies such as clipper 5, FoxPro, Java, Visual C++, MFC, JavaScript, ColdFusion, .Net, and Flex.

Avakian has been a part of the technology team since December, 2015, providing enterprise-level technology solutions for all QBI departments. He is an accomplished Enterprise Solution Architect endorsed by Adobe and actively participates in their annual seminars and presentations.

Avakian’s main focus includes project planning, architecting, and building software foundations. However, he is also involved in preparing proposal, developing mock-ups, technical writing and editing, maintaining sites, and assessing project feasibility. He also coordinates with software engineers, clients, developers, sales and marketing groups.

Avakian says that QBI’s flexible and enthusiastic management vision is in line with his own. QBI’s acceptance of new ideas and their willingness to stay ahead of the technology race make QBI an amazing place to work, he says.

“One of the main reasons QBI stands high among companies of the same size and in the same field,” he says, “is through investing in their future by accepting to train young talent. It’s really exciting to be involved in the opportunity to help create software art that thrives and changes QBI’s future. When I come to work, I enjoy every moment here!”

Avakian was honored to speak at Adobe ColdFusion Summit in 2015 and 2016 and is looking forward to working with a few selected developers to create an API for Tesla cars, “I’m so thrilled to become part of this revolution in the car-making industry,” he said.

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