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QBI Launches Safe, Secure Client Dashboard

 December 1, 2016

Leading Tech Innovation Facilitates Clients’ Data Access and Management

QBI, LLC has officially announced the release of their Secure Client Dashboard, a leading-edge technology that will enhance services and support dynamic communication between consultants and clients. The Secure Client Dashboard, along with CRM systems that are currently being developed, represent a significant milestone in the development of QBI’s proprietary technology. QBI’s technological commitment further enhances its national leadership in retirement plan design and administration.

“The Secure Client Dashboard...will help enhance the client relationships and create a more dynamic communication between our consultants and the customers we serve,” said Mike Parker, Chief Technology Officer of QBI.

The Secure Client Dashboard will bring numerous benefits, including:

  • Greater convenience for information exchanges, including secure-file transfers
  • Minimized risk of unauthorized access to client data
  • Client access to basic plan details
  • Instant access to securely contact client consultants
  • Enhanced visibility of compliance, including confidentiality requirements

By using highly-developed security structures, the client’s primary contact will be able to control access to the Secure Client Dashboard. These security measures allow the user or manager to determine precise access levels for each individual staff member.

Some key features and tools of the dashboard include:

  • Client information views, allowing staff members to access QBI’s CRM system
  • Plan information, including basic details and specifications
  • Upcoming enhancements will include on-screen Open Bills

QBI Client Secure Dashboard