QBI Continues to Push the Pace of Tech Advancement in the Benefits Arena

 FEBRUARY 22, 2017

QBI’s Latest Tech News

QBI’s technological leadership continues with the upcoming release of its proprietary enterprise software which is designed to integrate the various services which QBI offers: Retirement, Payroll, Human Resources, Healthcare Benefits and Fiduciary Administration.

QBI’s clients will be afforded a seamless view across all of QBI’s service offerings, driven by QBI’s unique ability to collect essential data through its payroll services.

For the past three years QBI has been pursuing a technology-driven strategy aimed at improving the customer experience. With the recent release of its new Secure Client Dashboard, QBI has accomplished its goal of reducing paper and enhancing its clients’ abilities to access and manage their critical information across all viewing platforms, including smartphones and tablets.

QBI is equipped with cutting edge EMC servers running on an internal redundant private cloud, multi-layered backup technology and encrypted communication with its database servers according to Mike Parker, QBI’s Chief Technology Officer. All of this is run over 2048-bit encrypted connection. This is a revolutionary advancement for the TPA industry, and further serves to improve communication between QBI’s Consultants and their clients.

“The financial commitment QBI has made to being the technological leader in the industry is staggering,” said Parker.“The reality is that small, inefficient players will not be able to survive the consolidation which is occurring in the TPA industry. As one of the largest independent TPA firms in the country, we need to keep technologically ahead of every other competitor. This serves our clients better, and creates transparency for our work.”

About QBI

Founded in 1978, QBI, LLC is one of the largest and most experienced TPAs in the country. Specializing in customized design and implementation of retirement plans, QBI provides 401(k), 403(b), profit sharing, pension, cash balance, and hybrid plans. QBI has over 100 employees, three enrolled actuaries, and over 32 consultants, providing administration to 4,000 plans. In the past 18 months, QBI has further expanded operations by acquiring Strategic Pension Services, as well as full-service payroll processors Payroll Ready and Paydaze.